How to Get an Input Value On Change in React

Last updated on October 04, 2022
How to Get an Input Value On Change in React

To get the value of an input on change in React, set an onChange event handler on the input, then use the target.value property of the Event object passed to the handler to get the input value.

For example:


import { useState } from 'react';

export default function App() {
  const [message, setMessage] = useState('');

  const handleChange = (event) => {
    // 👇 Get input value from "event"

  return (

      <h2>Message: {message}</h2>
Getting an input value on change in React.
The message is updated when the input value changes.

Here we create a state variable (message) to track the input value. By setting an onChange event handler, the handler function will get called whenever the text in the input field changes.

The handler function will be called with an Event object containing data and allowing actions related to the event. The target property of this object lets us access the object representing the input element.

This input element object has a value property which returns the text currently in the input field. So we call the setMessage() function with this property as an argument to update the message variable with the input value, and this reflects on the page after the DOM is updated.

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