I found a massive remote job site for software developers ($300K+ per year)

Last updated on April 28, 2024
I found a massive remote job site for software developers ($300K+ per year)

Job searching with sites like LinkedIn and Indeed can be really frustrating, especially if you’re self-taught, just out of college, or spent months looking for work.

Especially if you’re self-taught or you don’t have much “professional” experience.

Luckily today we'll dive deep into Wellfound (formerly AngelList), a powerful way to get freelance and full-time jobs without much work experience quickly.

A way others have used and found massive success:

With Wellfound you gain access to tens of thousands of remote jobs from the world's hottest startups.

Rising startups are much more willing to hire you than the huge, well-established FAANG companies. You’ll get to have a significant impact on the company at the critical formative stages.

And don’t think this means they pay low. Many of them pay from $100k to $220k and above — Some as high as $300K.

They're swimming in investor money and expanding quickly, which means they need as many hands as they can get.

Their rapid growth also means you stand to gain a lot with their lucrative stock options.

How to apply for remote jobs at Wellfound

Once you go to wellfound.com/remote you’ll see a massive number of well-paying remote tech & startup jobs.

Right now you can see they’re almost 50,000 jobs! Not enough people to fill them -- something I heard is pretty common for tech jobs.

Serious opportunity here…

Look how detailed the information is for each job; Here we have GitLab a powerful GitHub alternative.

We see they have 3 juicy jobs all over $150,000, their actively hiring, they’re wildly acclaimed, they’ve got strong financial backing, and a great work-life balance.

That’s a lot of information in one go.

You can use the right side pane to narrow down your search to specific roles like the full-stack engineer role, for full-stack web developers.

Look it’s Calm, a wildly popular meditation and sleep app with over 50 million downloads on the Play Store alone.

To apply you’ll fill out a bunch of fields to create your Wellfound account and upload your resume.

Full name, email, password, location, years of experience, desired salary, cover letter, CV, and more.

That’s definitely a lot, but don’t worry: Once you create an account all the information you entered will be used for every successive application.

So you’ll just have to enter one or two details, like the cover letter.

The best companies to target if you have no experience

If you don’t have any professional experience then you’ll have much higher success targeting those seed to mid-size startups just getting started and in incredibly high demand for employees.

So maybe not Calm. Perhaps something like…

Xverse - less than 50 employees.

Or Sprinter Health - early and growing fast!

You’ll take on such a powerful and influential role at these crucial growing stages in the company lifetime.

Tips for writing a good application letter

1. Tailor it to the job

Don't use a generic cover letter.

Look at the job description closely and identify the skills and experience they're looking for to write something personalized to the role.

2. Hook them early

Start with a strong opening that grabs their attention.

Talk about how excited you are for the position and highlight a relevant accomplishment or two. If you don't have much of that, then focus more on your zeal to make a difference and your desire to learn as much as possible.

3. Solutions over features

Focus more on how you can solve the problems the role demands, not just your skills and experiences.

4. Keep it clear and short

Go straight to the point with 3-4 paragraphs. Don't try to show off your vocab - they don't care. Use conversational language.

Final thoughts

Wellfound offers a goldmine of high-paying remote jobs at exciting startups. Skip the brutal FAANG competition and make a real impact with companies overflowing with opportunity.

Don't let a lack of experience hold you back - target fast-growing startups for your big break. With Wellfound, your dream remote job is just a click away.

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